Juniors Given Last Opportunity to Go Out for Crimson at Meeting in Quiet Room of Union Friday--Men Starting Then at No Disadvantage

Members of the Junior class will be given their last opportunity to enter the Junior Editorial Competition and to make the CRIMSON at the first special discussion meeting for CRIMSON editorial writers to be held in the Quiet Room of the Union at 4 o'clock on Friday. Juniors who report at that time will be at absolutely no disadvantage in the competition.

W. B. Munro '00, Professor of Municipal Government, will be the speaker at the meeting, which is the first in a series of informal discussion groups and talks by prominent editors to be conducted for the benefit of editorial writers in competitions for the CRIMSON. At the meeting opportunity will be offered the candidates to discuss their work, and Professor Munro will criticise editorials which have appeared in the CRIMSON, pointing out the defects and merits in each.

As an author of national repute, as an authority on political and constitutional questions, and as a man of great practical experience, Professor Munro is eminently qualified to advise on the subject of editorials both from the theoretical point of view of a student of current events and from the practical point of view of a man who has himself written. Among the books which have established Professor Munro's position as a writer and a clear thinker are "The Government of European Cities", "The Government of American Cities", and "Principles and Methods of Municipal Administration."

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