Treasure Room at Widener Given Over to the Famous Poets Personal Manuscripts

In honor of the centennial anniversary of the death of John Keats, the Treasure Room of the Widener Library has put on exhibition a collection of relics of Keats' period. Among these are a collection of editions of Keats' poems, with manuscripts, portraits, and views taken partly from the Library's own shelves, and partly from the private collections of friends. Some of the volumes have interesting personal associations. A copy of the first edition of "Endymion", lent by Mrs. Frank B. Bemis of Boston, is the copy sent by Keats to Shelley and inscribed "P. B. Shelley Esq. with J. K.'s sincere regards."

The copy of the poetical works of Coleridge, Shelley and Keats shown belonged to Leigh Hunt and bears his autograph and manuscript notes, besides letters and fragments of letters of the three poets in manuscript form. About the walls of the room are hung a series of portraits, views, facsimilies, etc., illustrating various aspects of Keats' life,--his friends, his homes, the places and events he mentions in his letters, and his death, all annotated to show their significance. These have been lent by Mr. Louis A. Holman of Boston. The collections will remain on exhibition until March 5th, and on Sunday afternoon at four o'clock Professor J. L. Lowes '03 will speak on Keats in the Treasure Room.