Twelve Fox-Trots, Six One-Steps and Two Waltzes on Order of Dances Announced by the Junior Dance Committee

The Junior Dance Committee announces the patronesses and the order of dances with tunes for the Junior Dance to be held riday evening from 9.30 to 4 o'clock in the Union.

The complete grouping of boxes for the Junior Dance will be announced in tomorrow's CRIMSON, and on subsequent days through Friday daily announcements will be made by the committee. In accordance with the custom of previous years, the committee requests that girls do not wear flowers, but strongly advises box-chairmen to have cut flowers in the boxes and for decorating the table. The committee will supply the punch, punch-bowl, and glasses for the various boxes.

Fourteen patronesses are announced, as follows: Mrs. C. F. Adams, Mrs. F. J. Bradlee, Mrs. C. M. Cabot, Mrs. A. L. Chute, Mrs. Alvah Crocker, Mrs. A. F. Higgins, Mrs. A. L. Lowell, Mrs. Matthew Luce, Mrs. L. B. McCagg, Mrs. A. G. Morse, Mrs. G. S. Mumford, Mrs. G. S. Parker, Mrs. P. S. Sears, Mrs. Alexander Steinert.

The first dance will begin at 10.00 and if time remains at the end, cut-in dancing will be allowed.

Following is the order of dances: 1.  Fox-trot,  Palesteena 2.  One-step,  Sunshine 3.  Fox-trot,  Jane 4.  Fox-trot,  In the Devil's Garden 5.  Waltz,  Mello-Cello 6.  One-step,  Wild Rose 7.  Fox-trot,  The Dancing Band 8.  Fox-trot,  Make Believe 9.  One-step,  You Promised Me 10.  Fox-trot,  I Spoiled You Intermission. 11.  Fox-trot,  Absence 12.  One-step,  Oh! What a Tune 13.  Fox-trot,  Home Town Blues 14.  Fox-trot,  Look for the Silver Lining 15.  Waltz,  Wyoming 16.  One-step,  Arabia 17.  Fox-trot,  I Never Realized 18.  Fox-trot,  Wang Wang Blues 19.  One-step,  Ohio 20.  Fox-trot,  Home Again Blues