Works by Mr. Pollak-Ottendorff Dis-played in Goodspeed's Bookshop, Boston

In the Print Room of Goodspeed's Bookshop, Park street, Boston, is an exhibition of portraits in pencil by Mr. Emil Pollak-Ottendorff which should be of interest to members of the University not only because the drawings are of distinct excellence in themselves, but also because one of them is a striking likeness of Professor Charles T. Copeland '82. The exhibition was opened to the public yesterday and is to continue until next Wednesday, April twentieth.

Drawing is perhaps one of the most personal of the arts. There is something peculiarly attracting in the very fact that the picture is entirely created from a blank-white sheet of paper by the skillful handling of the pencil; in the opportunity that a drawing offers to even the most uninitiated observer to study the actual lines and processes of this creation. It is in this, and in the ability shown to present the true character of his sitters through close and studious observation of the physical forms and expressions that reveal the soul, that the popular appeal of Mr. Pollak-Ottendorff's works lies. His portraits, though it seem paradoxical, are large miniatures,--having all the grace, refinement, and texture of the miniature with the distinction and carrying power of the larger work. Though there be somewhat of the "photographic" quality in the drawings, the integrity, soundness, and uniqueness of the artist's work, its sympathetic humanity in bubbling youth or kindly age, are exceptional.