Professor J. S. Davis one of Directors Elected to Stanford Food Research Institute--Herbert Hoover Member of Advisory Committee

Joseph S. Davis '08, assistant professor of economics at the University, has been elected one of the three joint directors of the Food Research Institute at Stanford University, which is to study problems of the production, distribution and consumption of food under an agreement between Stanford and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The need for a Food Research Institute was first suggested by Herbert Hoover, who is to be a member of its advisory committee and has presented to Stanford University a collection of material on the economic side of the war which will be of value to the Institute. The work will begin in July.

The two other directors elected are Dr. C. L. Alsberg, former chief of the Bureau of Chemistry of the Department of Agriculture, and Dr. Alonzo E. Taylor of the University of Pennsylvania, who attained an international reputation during the war, when he worked with Mr. Hoover on the Food Administration.

Dr. Alsberg was chosen for his knowledge of the chemistry of food manufacture and agriculture, Dr. Taylor for his work in the field of physiology and the chemistry of nutrition, and Professor Davis as an economist who will study problems of food distribution.

Professor Davis was graduated from Harvard in 1908, took his Ph.D. in 1913, and served during the war with the American Shipping Mission in Europe. His principal published work is a two-volume study of the early history of American corporations. He is one of the lecturers in Economics A, the introductory course in economics at Harvard, and also gives courses on statistics and on business corporations and combinations.