The sudden postponement of the class pictures scheduled for today will bring chagrin to Seniors celebration-bent and no little regret to their Freshman victims. As the picture has been announced for over a week, the intervention of authority at the last minute was unexpected, to say the least. Apprehension lest the Freshmen scuff holes in the granite steps or in their excitement sling their pennies through the plate-glass doors, may have been the difficulty. It was also feared that the strong men of 1921 might try coercive methods in persuading the tight-fisted yearlings to "come across".

Inasmuch as there is no other convenient place but Widener suited to the purpose, it seems that the tradition of years must go by the board. One thing is certain; no maney, no picnic. Unless the two class pictures be taken together, the wherewithal for the much-heralded annual excursion will not be forthcoming.

True, the Library doors are not impervious, but cannot satisfactory pledges be given the authorities guaranteeing the integrity of the building? At all events, integrity of the building? At all events, our Senior Picnic,--it must be preserved!