To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Your article on "Reconstruction Unit Needs More Contributions" in your issue of May 12, has been called to my attention. May I point out that the town of Pinon which you mention, is not going to be built by the French government, but by La Renaissance des Cites which is a voluntary, private association of a group of leading Frenchmen who see in the present conditions, an opportunity to remake a large section of France in a way to insure its four million inhabitants a better and healthier life than ever before.

The French government is taking no part in this except that of course it will pay the cost of replacing what was in the town before the war. The improvements, and these are what the town is being rebuilt for, must be paid for by private subscriptions. An American Committee has been formed to make a contribution from this country to La Renaissance des Cites to use for this purpose.  GOSROX JAMES, Secretary of the American Committee, May 17, 1921