Harvard men, graduates, faculty, and students alike, regret that Henry A. Yeomans has resigned as Dean of Harvard College after the valuable service he has rendered during the nine years of his association with the Dean's office; but are pleased that he will continue his connection with the University as a professor of government. He has shown firmness and judgment in dealing with the problems that the Dean's office continually faces. Uppermost in his consideration has always been the best interests of the men in College and he has striven unceasingly to follow their wishes when that was feasible. Particularly is he remembered for the active part he took in the establishment of the Freshman dormitories.

Professor Chester N. Greenough who succeeds in office has had considerable experience already in the capacity of Acting Dean during Professor Yeoman's absence in Europe. We have long since learned to appreciate his sympathetic understanding of undergraduate problems; his return to University Hall will be welcomed by us all.