Despite wretched support from the bleachers, the University baseball team ha, won seven of its eight preliminary games. Much of this meager backing has come from members of various athletic squads who watch the games after their own practice; and from other groups who have been conspicuous for their unfailing attendance. To these faithful few the inadequacy of the cheering has been only too apparent: the student body as a whole has shown utter indifference.

Although organized cheering is not as essential in the stands as in the Stadium, spontaneous "rooting" from speculators does encourage the player and makes a real difference. The support of this type that was accorded to Georgia Tech, winning or losing, throughout the entire nine innings was a striking contrast to what the Harvard players have been resigned to hearing at home--the University out cheered by a handful of the visitors', loyal alumni.

In view of the capable showing made by this year's baseball team, the present lack of active interest in a major sport is inexcusable. Matters are fast approaching the point where members or the team would almost prefer to play games away from home, so dampening and critical is the backing accorded them in Cambridge. The Dartmouth game is a flatting time for the student body to demonstrate the strength and sincerity of its support.