Will Leave After Boat Races and Hold Several Meets in New York, Middle West and San Francisco

Since the Yale Board of Control has ratified the plan, the summer trip of the Yale swimming team across the continent and to Honolulu is assured. The team will leave New Haven soon after the boat race on June 24, and will go to New York, where it has arranged for several meets, among which is one with Brooklyn Central Y. M. C. A. From there the team will travel to the Great Lakes region, where it will successively compete against the Chicago A. A., the Milwaukee A. C., the Minneapolis A. C., and the St. Paul A. C. From St. Paul the team will go direct the California, where it has arranged for meets with the San Diego Rowing Club, the Los Angeles A. C., the Olympic Club, and the Neptune Beach Club of San Francisco. On July 20 the Eli natators will sail from that city and will enter the first of its strenuous meets soon after arriving at Honolulu.

Twelve swimmers will make the trip; this number includes the five-man relay team that holds the 200-yard world's record. The trip is a fitting finish to Yale's record of holding the swimming championship for twelve years. This time has marked the sport's steady growth in favor at New Haven until it now ranks next to the four major ones, and this season the members of the relay team were awarded the major "Y".