University Boats Show Up Well in Initial Practices on Thames--Crew A Covers 4-Mile Course in 21 Minutes 12 Seconds--Yale Eights Out

RED TOP, June 6--All University crews had their first workout on the Thames this morning. The first and second University eights were sent a mile and a half down stream together and were stopped there by a strong head wind. The first boat got off to a good start and in the first hundred yards gained a length on the second. Despite a stroke which averaged six points to the minute higher than University A, the seconds were unable to gain back the advantage which the racing start gave the other eight. At the low beat of 27, the first crew showed better form on the recovery and leg drive than they have before, although at that stroke the balance of the boat did not appear to be a so good as at a higher one. The Freshmen took a three and a half mile paddle with the combination eight, composed of the four University and four Freshman substitutes.

This afternoon Coach Haines took his crews down at a slow paddle to the starting point of the regular four-mile course. From there they were sent up- stream over the course with the tide. The first crew covered the distance in 21 minutes, 12 seconds at an average stroke of from 28 to 31, showing the best balance and spacing they have displayed for some time. University B's half-length lead at the start was turned into a disadvantage of from three to four lengths as they crossed the finish line. The time is considered very good for the firstday, and especially the time for the mile, which University A did in 10 minutes, 10 seconds.

The Freshmen and the combination eight covered two miles at a very low stroke, the coaches giving particular attention to the substitutes, since it is they that will be called upon to furnish men for the other boats in case of unforseen events.

The Yale crews also worked out twice today. One change in the first Eli crew was necessitated; Whitney, the bow oar, is out with a bad hand, and Russell, from the second crew took his place. All the Eli crews were put through long workouts and showed form which pleased Coach Corderry.