Yale News on Guy Nickalls


The crews start work at Gales' Ferry today with a new hand at the helm. This hand will endeavor to straighten out at the eleventh hour the erratic course of this year's university crews. P. J. Corderry has the hardest job on his hands in American university rowing. With an inexperienced crew and a discredited system he has 18 days in which to train a winning combination. If he can do it no coach in the country -- no, not even the famous Dr. Spaeth will be considered greater.

And now a word to Mr. Nickalls. In all probability his resignation as head coach will be greeted with the fatuous sarcasm of the numerous sporting editors the country over. Until the last six weeks, however, his relations with the university authorities have been satisfactory in every way. He produced in other years winning crews that proved his ability as a coach. We hope he will return to England taking the memory of those Yale years with him rather than the feeling of friction which has followed the disastrous races of the spring of 1921. Yale News.