Elimination Contests to Start Tomorrow--Fourteen to be Finally Chosen as Team

Coach Frank J. Jedlenski will start a series of elimination contests tomorrow evening to determine the members of the University wrestling team. The first matches will be held in the wrestling room at the Hemenway Gymnasium at 8.00 o'clock and they will be continued next week until the 14 best wrestlers can be chosen. These will be divided into two units of seven men each and these units together will form squad A.

The other candidates will compose squads B and C, according to ability. By this system, any member of squad B may challenge a member of squad A, and a squad C man may challenge one of the squad B grapplers. Coach Jedlenski will then be able to give more individual coaching to the men who will make up the University team. With the exception of Curtis Nelson '24, who is out with a broken nose, the entire squad is expected to compete in these elimination contests.