French Exchange Professor From University of Algiers Will Give Half-Course in Geography of Northern Africa and Near East

Mr. Emile F. Gautier, professor of geography in the University of Algiers, arrived at Cambridge yesterday to take up his duties as French exchange professor at the University for the second half of the current year.

Professor Gautier, who is well known in France for his technical works on geography as well as for his popular articles on the subject, will give a half course on the geography of northern Africa and the Near East, known as Geography 8, which will be open both to graduate students and undergraduates, and also a research course primarily for graduate students. During his stay at the University he will occupy the rooms in Grays Hall which were formerly occupied by Professor William H. Schofield A. M. '93 and were endowed and dedicated "to the hospitable uses of the University" according to the terms of Professor Schofield's will.