Hinkle Gets First Place on Team A by Defeating Harrington -- Carpenter Comes Up From B--First Match on December 2 With B. A. A.

As a result of the squash racquets test matches that have been played during the past week, four changes were announced last night in the line-up of the teams for the coming week.

Captain E. M. Hinkle '23 now leads team A as a result of his ousting Carroll Harrington '24 from that position. F. I. Carpenter '24 has won a place on team A by defeating F. S. Hill '24, E. K. Davis '24 has been moved up to team B, and D. F. Thayer '23 to team C to fill vacancies. The new line-up is as follows: Team A: Hinkle, Harrington, W. P. Dixon '25, G. L. Smith '25, Carpenter; team B: Hill, A. Mackay-Smith '24, Harrison Gardner '24, Davis, J. J. Glessner '25; team C: C. P. G. Fuller '23, Reginald Rose '25, Thayer, E. M. Upjohn '25, R. C. Bostwick '23.

First Match With B. A. A.

The first match of the season will be on December 2 at Boston with the Boston Athletic Association; the second event will take place on December 5 at Concord with St. Paul's School. It is hoped that before the University team meets any opponents at the Squash Courts that the new exhibition courts will be completed so that the team will have an opportunity to practice in them.

Next week Coach Harry Cowles will devote more of his attention to preparing the players for long matches, since this week he has dwelt for the most part on strokes, positions, and head work. Each man on the team is now playing two test matches a week, and men not on the squad are playing matches with each other for the privilege of challenging men on the team.

In the annual fall tournament, the third round of which will be completed by tomorrow night, all players are requested to write the point scores of their games on the draw card now posted at the Squash Courts, since otherwise it is impossible for others to know how close the matches were.