Senior Professor at University of Bombay to Discuss "New Forces in Old India" at 8 o'Clock-Will Explain Religious and Caste Systems.

In speaking at 8 o'clock tonight in the Faculty Room of the Union on "New Forces in Old India", Dr. S. L. Joshi, of the University of Bombay, will explain the manner in which , the religious and caste systems of India have, affected the political attitude of his fellow-country-men. He will be introduced by Dr. C. R. Sanman, Wales Professor of Sanskrit at the University.

Dr. Joshi, who was the first Hindu to graduate from Columbia, has had a distinguished career in the service of his country. He represented India at the International Peace Congress in New York in 1907 and carried a message to the recent convention of the American Episcopal church held at Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Joshi's official position is that of Senior Professor of English Literature at the State College conducted by His Highness The Maharaja Gaekwar.

The lecture will be open only to members of the Union, but members may procure from the office of the Graduate Manager before 5 o'clock this afternoon guest cards admitting their friends who are not eligible to membership in the Union.

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