Open to All Undergraduates--Invitation Tourney at Newton Centre Club December 22-29

The annual Squash Racquets College tournament, open to any member of the College, including Freshmen, will start on Friday, January 6. All men who wish to enter should sign up before 6 o'clock on Thursday, January 5, at the University Squash Racquets Building. The entrance fee is $25. There will be a medal for the winner and a silver cigarette case for the runner-up.

There will be an invitation Squash Racquets Tournament at the Newton Centre Squash Tennis Club from December 22 to 29. Any member of the University may enter in the tournament. All entries should be sent to R. C. Bray, 87 Lincoln street, Boston (telephone Beach 1772), before 5 P. M. on Thursday, December 21. The entrance fee will be $1.00.

Any members of the College, not Freshmen, may still come out for the University squad. They will be under no disadvantage on account of their late start.