Candidates Will Start Work Immediately After Vacation--Mr. Martin to Take Up Duties January 10--'26 Managership Competition Starts January 2

It has been announced that the winter season for the University track team will begin with a meeting of all candidates at the Locker Building on Thursday, January 4. Mr. C. W. Martin, the new head coach, will not take up his duties until the tenth of the month, but the squad will practice up to that time under Coach Farrell's direction.

'26 Managership Competition

The competition for the managership and assistant managership of the Freshman track team will commence on January 3, and will continue until March 1, a period of about two months. Among other things, the candidates will have an opportunity to manage meets and direct practice sessions. The winner of this competition will be awarded his numerals, and will be in charge of the 1926 runners during the spring season.