Five runners, accompanied by Coach Bingham, leave Boston at 10 o'clock this morning for New York, to compete in the Millrose Athletic Association games to be held in Madison Square Garden this evening, and two more will leave the South Station at 1 o'clock.

The University has entered a medley relay team, which will run against the strong Columbia quartet. Examinations have necessitated a slight change in the line-up of the team as announced Saturday, and J. W. Burke '23 will run in place of J. A. McCarthy '22 as anchor man, running a half-mile lap. W. F. Eaton '22 will run the other long distance turn, and Richard Chute '22 and J. E. Merrill '24 will run the quarter-mile laps. Columbia, according to all accounts, has developed a strong quartet, and should give the Crimson relay men a stiff battle.

The other men going down to New York are C. R. Hauers '23 and R. S. Whitney '22, who will compete in the hurdles, and Vinton Chapin '23, who is entered in the dash. A change in the Garden track has made it impossible to run a 70-yard dash, so two heats will be run, one at 40 yards and the other at 60-yards, the winners to compete over a 50-yard track in the finals.

Another University runner, not a member of the regular team, is also entered in the dash. E. O. Gourdin 1L. will make the trip, and run in the games. This makes his appearance at the B. A. A. meet on Saturday doubtful.

Coach Bingham is having difficulty picking the Freshman relay which will meet Yale 1925 on Saturday. The six men from whom the team will be picked, ran time trials yesterday, and two were tied for first, the other four being tied for second, with times less than a second slower than the winners, for the quarter-mile distance. Further trials will be held on Thursday, and the team will be finally picked at that time.