Will Begin at 9.15 o'Clock Unless Listed for 2 o'Clock--Students Must Be in Examination Room 5 Minutes After Hour Appointed

Mid-year examinations will be held today and tomorrow in the courses following. All examinations begin at 9.15 o'clock in the morning except those listed for 2 o'clock.

According to regulations, any student who is not in the examination room within five minute after the hour appointed for the examination shall not be admitted without permission of the instructor or of the officer in general charge of the examinations.

It has also been ruled that no student shall be permitted to take any books or papers into the examination room except by the express direction of the instructor, and that no communication shall be allowed between students in the examination room on any subject whatever.

The following examinations are listed for today and tomorrow at 9.15 o'clock, unless otherwise noted in the following places: Today Anthropology 5  Sever 18 Astronomy 1a Adams to E. C. Donahue (inclusive)  Sever 5 J. L. Donahue to Hoyt (inclusive)  Sever 6 Hyman to Lee (inclusive)  Sever 7 Lewis to Newhall (inclusive)  Sever 8 Norwood to Wyman (inclusive)  Sever 11 Botany 7  Gray Herb. Chemistry 21  Sever 18 Economics 12  Emerson J Economics 31  Harvard 3 English 2 Abbott to Feldman (inclusive)  Harvard 2 Ferguson to Franklin (inclusive)  Harvard 3 Freeman to Nichols (inclusive)  Harvard 5 Norris to Zeitler (inclusive)

ANNOUNCE EXAMS FOR TODAY AND TOMORROWFrench 9  Harvard 6Alberts to Maris (inclusive)  HoldenManning to Young (inclusive)  Fogg Lecture RoomGeography 1  Emerson FGeology 13  Sever 30German B  Sever 23German 1a, II, III  Sever 36German 2b  Sever 35German 3  Sever 17German 12a  Sever 17Greek B I  Sever 30History 17aAbrams to Hartman (inclusive)  Sever 29Hesseltine to Parker (inclusive)  Sever 31Payson to Wright (inclusive)  Sever 32Latin 12  Sever 18Mathematics A I:Dr. Walsh's sect. 1a  Zool. Lect.-rm.Mr. Garabedian's sect.  2a Zool. Lect.-rm.Mr. Foster's sect. 3a  Zool. Lect.-rm.Mr. Widder's sect. 4a  Pierce 304Meteorology 4  Geol. Mus. 43Mineralogy 2  Mineral, Lab.Music 2a hf  Sever 18Music 6  Sever 23Philosophy A:Dr. Demos's sects. D1, D2, D3  Emerson DDr. Eaton's sects. El, E2, E3  Emerson DMr. Larrabee's sects. L1, L10  New Lect, HallDr. Underhill's sects. U1, U2, U3, U4  Emerson JMr. Zimmerman's sects. Z1, Z2, Z3  New Lect. HallPhilosophy 27  Emerson DPhysics 21 hf  Sever 17Semitic A5  Andover CSemitic E1  Sever 35Social Ethics 4  Emerson AZoology 4  Pierce 304TomorrowEnglish A:Mr. Ashby's sects. 15, 21  Harvard 6Mr. Bacon's sect 7  Sever 17Mr. Bacon's sect. 23  Sever 18Mr. Binkley's sect. 17  Fogg Lect.-rm.Mr. Code's sects. 3, 20, 25  Zool. Lect.-rm.Mr. Connely's sect. 2  Sever 23Mr. Connely's sect. 9  Sever 24Mr. Coues's sects. 14, 18  Emerson DMr. Damon's sect. 10  Sever 29Mr. Hillyer's sect. 5  Emerson AMr. Hillyer's sect. 11  Emerson FMr. Jackson's sects. 8, 13  Harvard 5Mr. Jackson's sect. 24  Harvard 3Mr. Kempton's sect. 6  Holden ChapelMr. Norris's sect. 16  Sever 35Mr. Norris's sect. 26  Sever 36Mr. Noyes's sect. 4  Harvard 2Mr. Starr's sect. 1  Sever 5Mr. Starr's sect. 12  Sever 6Mr. Wood's sects. 19, 22  Emerson JFine Arts 5e  Widener Rm.German 26a  Sever 30Greek 3 hf.  Sever 30Greek 3 hf.  Sever 30Greek 7 hf.  Sever 30Semitic 14  Sem. Mus. 3Spanish 9 hf  Sever 30Engineering SchoolEngineering 55  Pierce 304Engineering 400  Pierce 30