Richard Dean Slas 3S.L.A. Wins Competition for Landscape Design

It was announced recently that Richard Dean Slas, 3S.L.A. of Corons, Cal., has been awarded the first prize of $100 in a competition for students of landscape architecture held in Chicago under the suspices of the Woman's National Farm and Garden Association.

Four competition in landscape and, garden design were held by the Association. The one for students was won by Slas, while Charles William Eliot, 2d, 1 S.L.A. of Cambridge, was awarded the second prize of $50. Slas was also the winter of the annual trophy cup competition held by the School of Landscape Architecture in January. The only other competition in which a man trained at the Landscape School of the University was entered, was for a problem in formal garden design for professional, which was won by Mr. George French Ingalls of Cleveland, Ohio, who took his master's degree at the University last spring.