Cummings and Logan Elected to Undergraduate Committee From 1923--Henry and Lamont Chosen From 1924--Sharp Freshman Representative

As the result of the count of the ballots for the election of the Undergraduate Committee of the Union yesterday, the following were elected: for 1923, Charles Kimball Cummings Jr. of Boston, and Sheridan Logan of Saint Joseph, Mo.; for 1924, Barklie McKee Henry of Rosemont, Pa., and Corliss Lamont of Englewood, N. J.; for 1925, Howard Parker Sharp of Pittsburgh, Pa. The election was carried out by postal ballots. The voting this year was very light, only 457 ballots having been cast as against 711 last year.

The tabulated results of the election are as follows. 1923 Sheridan Logan,  313 C. K. Cummings Jr.,  289 H. H. Reed,  204 J. A. Pulsford,  87 1924 Corliss Lamont,  301 B. McK. Henry,  225 H. A. La Farge,  199 H. L. Parker,  166 1925 H. P. Sharp,  222 B. Rice-Bassett,  209 Total,  2215