As the fiscal year does not close until May 31, 1922, it is impossible to present the final figures of this year's financial condition. However, a few outstanding facts may be mentioned. The undergraduate contribution campaign last fall netted $4,032.08, which record has been surpassed in 1918 only, when two drives were held, one in the fall and one in the spring. I thank each one of the canvassers especially for their efforts and thoroughness, which made this possible. In addition to this sum, about $1000 has also been paid in by students in the graduate departments. The Association now has a bank balance of $4,999.10. Besides the undergraduates, very generous contributions have been received from graduates, faculty, and friends. There is every reason to believe that there are sufficient funds now on hand to cover the expense of the work for the rest of this year, during the summer, and the early fall. BRADLEY DEL. NASH '23, Treasurer.