Crimson Succumbs to 4 to 3 Defeat-Fast Eli Attack Outpasses and Outmanoeuvers University

The Yale lacrosse team, taking the lead at the start and checking a desperate last-minute Crimson rally, defeated the University yesterday afternoon 4 to 3 on Soldiers Field. With the fast Eli attacking trio out-passing the University and outmanoeuvring the Crimson defence during the first half, Fredericks of Yale scored the lone goal of the first period.

The Yale team showed a burst of speed as the second half started and McMartin caged two goals in the first two minutes of play. The Crimson rally started at this point and the ball was continually in the neighborhood of the visitors' goal except for one Yale sally which netted their fourth score. Wobber caged the first two University goals on neat passes from Treanor, and with two minutes of play left Young scored after a scrimmage before the Eli goal.