Dr. Lee to Act as Toastmaster-Mr. Blanchard Will Tell About New "H" Book-Other Speakers Include Major Sport Captains

The eighth annual dinner of the Varsity Club will be held this evening at 7 o'clock in the Club building on Quincy street. Over 80 guests are expected.

Dr. Roger I. Lee '02 will act as toastmaster, and the principal speakers will be W. J. Bingham '16, Dr. R. Heber Howe '01, Professor Kirsopp Lake, and Professor Roger S. Merriman '96. Mr. John A. Blanchard '91, director in charge of the new "H" book now being compiled, will outline the nature of the new publication and the plans which have been made for distributing it next fall when it has been completed.

The present major sport captains in the University will also speak briefly, while a double quartet from the University Glee Club will sing after the dinner.