Yale Covered Four Mile Course in One Second Slower Time Than Brown's Eight--Light Work-Outs for All Crews Yesterday

Light work-outs were the rule today for both University and Freshman crews in the morning and afternoon. The only feature in the monotony of long paddles was a half mile race between the Freshman and combination eight in which the former won by a length in 2 minutes 22 seconds. The first Yale eight covered the same course a little later in 2 minutes and 20 seconds while the second Eli crew made it in 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

Yale announced last night the time its crew made over the four-mile course on Friday--20 minutes and 55 seconds only one second slower than the time for Brown's eight over the same distance a little earlier in the evening.

Mr. G. S. Munford '87 arrived here today to help in coaching the crews, while in the evening the Yale crews made their annual official visit to Red Top.

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