Though out raced at the start and trailing over the greater part of the Basin course, the University junior eight, by means of a timely and effective sprint in the last few hundred yards, nosed out Crew A for first honors, Saturday afternoon in the most sensational practice brush seen on the Charles this season.

The second eight gained a marginal advantage at the getaway mainly through the medium of Amory's rapid beat which was two notches higher during the first minute than that set by Brown for University A. This lead, however, was immediately broken by Captain Appleton's oarsmen and the first crew, rowing now at a somewhat faster pace than their opponents, pulled rapidly ahead and beyond the half-mile mark had half a length's advantage. Brown kept the stroke up to 34 and at the Harvard Bridge open water showed between the two shells, but once under the arch the Junior boat put on a spurt which ate up half a length of their rivals' lead and gave it what looked like an equal chance for victory.

Amory Raises Beat

With the finish nearing rapidly, Amory raised the beat, Brown failed to respond with an equally telling pace, and the Junior shell commenced its gruelling advance to the front position with three-quarters of a length of water to make up. The seconds with now a chance for victory, rowed in perfect unison which combined with the rapid stroke produced an immediate effect. Inch by inch the Junior eight fought its way to even terms, and by a burst of almost superlative rowing broke into a lead of a full half length which they maintained to the end.

Course Shorter Than Usual

The time for the race ranking as it does with the best marks attained over the Basin distance this season, may be partly accounted for by the fact that the course as rowed Saturday afternoon was slightly different from the one usually taken by competing crews on the Basin, being a few boat lengths shorter than the regular mile and seven-eights stretch, but even with this item in the balance the exhibition was considered to be an unusually encouraging one.