Tonight, for the first time in years, Princeton comes to Boston with to hockey team which is expected to "press the Harvard team to the limit" if not to defeat it. Preliminary reports hall the Princeton captain as a second "Hobey" Baker and have the greatest praise for the other Princetonians and the work of Coach Gaw, recently in charge of Dartmouth hockey.

The reason for the change is not far to seek. Heretofore the New Jersey teams have been limited to the Philadelphia rink for artificial ice, a handicap too severe to be overcome. One victory in thirteen games tells the story only too well. Impossible conditions put even close games out of the question, and Harvard-Princeton results were usually a foregone conclusion. But this year the situation is very different; good material, a coach of recognized ability, and plenty of practice in a rink close at hand have resulted in the startling total of twenty-seven goals and three victories for Princeton in the four games already played.

That such a team is likely to furnish sharp opposition is self evident and the prospect is most pleasing to all hockey enthusiasts. One-sided forces between teams inevitably ill-matched are small satisfaction to anyone; and the advent of keen competition for honors on the ice from the teams of Princeton and Yale will be welcomed by all concerned.