Student Council Names Sub-Committee to Take Entire Charge--Election to Come Soon After Washington's Birthday--Chapin to be Chairman

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Student Council yesterday afternoon, a sub-committee to take charge of the election of officers of the Freshman class was appointed. This sub-committee, which is known as the Committee on Freshman Elections, is composed of Vinton Chapin '23, of Boston, chairman; Russell Robb Jr. '23, of Concord; Barklie McKee Henry '24, of Rosemont, Pa.: Karl Slade Pfaffman '24, of Quincy; and Frank Guthrie Akers '25, of Louisville, Ky.

The committee will make the preliminary nominations, which will be announced on Wednesday, February 14. The election, the date of which has not yet been definitely settled, will probably take place shortly after Washington's Birthday. As soon as the nominations by the committee are announced, additional nominations may be made by petitions, each to be signed by at least 35 members of the class of 1926.