New Collection of 15th and 16th Century Work Being Shown in Print Room--Many Famous Masters Included

A new collection of German prints of the 15th and 16th centuries have been placed on exhibition in the Print Room of the Fogg Art Museum. Among those shown are two woodcuts from different editions of the Apocalypse blockbook, an engraving by the so called Master E. S., the first great German engraver, whose influence was felt not only by his followers in Germany but, also, in Italy. There are also several fine Schongauers, and a number of prints by the greatest German master, Durer. Among the latter are woodcuts from the great series--the Apocalypse, Great Passion and Small passion--one of his six etchings, one of his four dry-points, and a number of the copper-plate: Adam and Eve, St. Terome in his Cell, Nelancholia and the Knight, Death and the Devil.

The "Little Masters" are represented by a few prints each, including early etchings by Hirschvogel, Lautensack, and Hopfer. Lucas Cranach's work on both copper and wood is shown, and there are woodcuts designed by Hans Holbein. The proofs from his Dance of Death are fine impressions, and the tiny pictures with their few lines show the master a great draughtsman and composer. the exhibition will last for several weeks.