Professor James W. McBain of University of England Speaks on Adsorption--Touring American Universities

Approximately 100 members of the Chemistry Department attended the lecture by Professor James W. McBain of the University of England on "Adsorption and Sorption" given yesterday afternoon in Boylston 9. He described the action of lubricants in modern machinery and said that only a very small percentage of the oil applied is actually of service and absorbed.

The first experimentation was done by Schee's in 1773 when that famous scientist discovered the absorptive power of charcoal for gases. It has been only in very recent years that its importance has been realized when absorption has been responsible for dyeing cloth with ease and economy, and gas masks were invented, depending solely on the principle of the absorption qualities of charcoal. Professor McBain exhibited very many interesting examples of dyeing showing very peculiar colors and shapes that resulted from tests applied to find the absorption qualities of commercial dyes.