Delivers Opening Address at New School Founded by Dr. Howe

President Eliot spoke Saturday at the opening exercises of the Belmont Hill School is Belmont. The school was founded this fall by Dr. R. Heber Howe '01, who was Director of Rowing at the University last year. Rev. Samuel M. Crothers '99, of Cambridge, who is on the advisory board of the school gave the opening prayer, and Robert W. Atkins '10, president of the executive committee, also spoke. The closing prayer was made by Rev. Henry K. Sherrill of Trinity Church, Boston.

On Dr. Howe's faculty are two members of the class of 1923. Phillips E. Wilson and Eliot G. Fay. The main building has been named after Dean Shaler and another after Frank Bolles '82.

There are 43 students registered in the Belmont Hill School at present.