Business Candidates Will Meet at 7 o'Clock Tomorrow Evening--Editorial Writers Begin Thursday--News and Photographic Aspirants Later

Competitions in two departments of the CRIMSON start this week, with a meeting tomorrow for business candidates from the Freshman and Sophomore classes and a meeting on Thursday for editorial candidates from the class of 1924. The business competition is the last one open to Sophomores and the editorial competition is the last for Juniors. The competitions for the news and photographic departments, open only to Freshmen, will start on Tuesday, February 20.

Candidates for the business department will meet in the business office of the Crimson Building, 14 Plympton street, at 7 o'clock tomorrow evening. The Business Manager will explain the work of the competition, which will consist largely of soliciting advertising, and will bring the men competing into contact with the large advertisers of New York and Boston, offering excellent opportunity for business and advertising training.