University and Yale Representatives to Meet in Boston Today to Make Preliminary Plans for Trip

Five representatives of the University and Yale will meet in Boston today to discuss plans in regard to the international track meet in England next July between the combined Harvard-Yale and Oxford-Cambridge teams.

Mr. J. T. Blossom, the Blue athletic director, will be accompanied by Mr. A. C. Gilbert, chairman last year of the Yale graduate track committee. Major F. W. Moore '93, graduate treasurer of the H. A. A.; Mr. W. A. Bacon '14, chairman of the track advisory committee, and Mr. W. J. Bingham '16, former head coach of the University track team, will make up the University representation at the conference.

The chief topic to be taken up at today's meeting will probably be to decide upon the date when the Harvard and Yale athletes will leave for England and to make definite arrangements for the trip itself. The question of the date of the meet, tentatively agreed upon for July 14 or 21, will probably be left undecided.