At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, the casts for "Beranger" and "The Life of Man" will start on their trip to New York, where they will give eight performances at the Comedy Theatre, 110 West Forty-first Street. R. C. Burrell '24, president of the club, and D. M. Oenslager '23, who has designed all the settings, will leave this afternoon in order to make arrangements for the rest of the club.

This is not the first time that Harvard Dramatic Club has gone to New York City. In 1914 they gave two performances of "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" at the Garrick Theatre during the Christmas vacation.

In preparation for their New York productions, the club has devoted the past week to intensive rehearsals of both plays. They have had a better opportunity than ever before to polish the character parts, because both plays have been given previously with casts almost identical with these that will make the trip.

Tickets on Sale at Harvard Club

The applications for tickets to both performances have been coming in rapidly, according to the latest report from New York. Arrangements have been made to have a booth set up at the New York Harvard Club, where a University graduate will sell tickets on Saturday and Sunday. If the sale should come up to expectations, the club will give a private production in Cambridge after the vacation for members of the University. What this play will be has not yet been decided, but a modern adaptation of some Elizabethan drama has been suggested. This presentation will be managed and run entirely by undergraduate members of the Dramatic Club.

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