Will Play First Match of Southern Trip at Providence Today--To Meet Three More Opponents This Week

This afternoon the University tennis team in the first match of its southern trip meets the Agawam Hunt Club in Providence, Rhode Island. Last year because of wet courts the match was not completed, each team having scored one point. D. McK, Key '22 and G. C. Guild '23 scored this point when they defeated A. Ingraham and Cosseboom of the Agawam Hunt Club.

The Country Day School, which the University did not play last year, will be met next Monday in Richmond, Virginia. The day following, Tuesday, in Norfolk, Virginia, the University squad will face the Country Club of Norfolk. Last year this team was defeated by the University 7-2.

A victory over the Chevy-Chase Country Club in Washington, D. C. on Thursday, April 19, will be the most difficult task of the trip, if last year's score of 6-3 against the University means anything. Last year Duane was defeated by W. McC. Washburn '15, who ranked tenth among players in the United States for 1922, and Duane and Pfaffman were defeated by Washburn and Moore, Pfaffman's defeat of Dwight F. Davis '00, former national champion, was a bright spot in the match.

The Naval Academy, beaten last year 8-1, will oppose the University in Annapolis, Maryland, on Saturday, April 21.

The University men who will go on the trip are: Captain Morris Duane '23. George Guild '23, K. S. Pfaffman '24, W. H. Ingraham '26, Alden Briggs '25, and W. P. Dickson '25.