Experts to Address Harvard Association at Annual Conference Saturday Morning in Sanders Theater

"The Study of the Individual Child" will be the topic for discussion at the thirty-second annual meeting of the Harvard Teachers' Association, to be held at 9.45 o'clock Saturday morning in Sanders Theater. The program of speeches will be as follows:

"The Normal Child", by Dr. W. F. Dearborn, Professor of Education in the University.

The Subnormal Child", by Dr. W. E. Fernald Hon. '13, Superintendent of the Massachusetts School for the Feebleminded at Waverley.

"The Nervous Child", by Dr. C. M. Campbell, director of the Boston Psychopathic Hospital.

The annual luncheon of the association will take place at 1 o'clock in the Harvard Union. Dr. R. C. Cabot '89, Professor of Clinical Medicine and of Social Ethics in the University, will introduce the speakers on the following subjects:

"The Use of Intelligence Tests in School Administration in Providence", by Dr. R. D. Allen, Director of Research and Guidance at Providence, R. I.

"The Attitude of the School Child Toward his Work", Dr. A. W. Kallom, Assistant Director of the Department of Educational Investigation and Measurement at Boston.

"The Need of some New Conceptions in Educational Theory and Practice", by Dr. R. M. Ogen of Cornell University.