Brass Band Breaks Blue-Book Boredom as Sleepless Seniors Sing, Scintillate, and Selebrate

The last day of Divisional Examinations in all except a few departments was marked yesterday by an innovation in the history of student celebrations. Led by a brass band of sizable proportions the majority of Seniors who completed their divisional work yesterday, marched through the Yard, stopping for a few moments before University Hall and Widener Library only to resume the parade across Massachusetts Avenue and down Bow Street to Mt. Auburu Street, where the procession finally disbanded.

The parade, which came as a complete surprise to all except the select few in charge of the plans, was scheduled to start at 4.30 o'clock, but it was half an hour later before the procession, 150 strong and led by the brass band, entered the Yard by the gate near Memorial Hall.

A short stop before University Hall proved uneventful, and the marchers; thereupon, moved in the direction of Widener Library where they had spent their chief hours of labor preparing for the examinations. It was at this point that the parade reached its maximum of enthusiasm and attracted a large crowd of interested onlookers, including some newspaper reporters and photographers. Joining in the enthusiasm of the occasion, the crowd lent its assistance as the parade, with the band still in the lead, marched to Mt. Auburn Street and gradually was dissipated into small groups, which wandered back to the Yard.