Team Is Considerably Strengthened Since Recent Defeat at Hands of Exeter--Visitors Have Won Four Games

HARVARD SECONDS  Sr. JOHN'S Stiger. s.s.  2b., Smith Gibb. 1b.  l.f., Cyr Heageney, l.f.  s.s., Cusick Lucas, r.f.  r.f., Tomasello Kerr, 1b.  1b., Darcy Fulton, 3b.  c.f., Cashman Thomas, c.f.  3b., Phillip Hoffman, c.  c., Darcy Anastas, p.  p., Baker, Sullivan

The University second baseball team will play its second game of the season this afternoon at 4 o'clock on Soldiers Field against the undefeated St. John's School nine. Although the scrubs were defeated at the hands of Exeter last Wednesday, they have shown a potential strength in contests with the University team that augurs well for this afternoon's meeting. The outfield has been materially strengthened by placing Thomas, who pitched the Exeter game, at center field. In the infield, Stiger has been raised from second string short stop to regular, and Anastas will start the game on the mound.

The visitors will go into today's contest with considerably more experience and confidence, having won all four of their games this season. In their initial game on Saturday, April 21, they found little difficulty in defeating Danvers, 10 to 6, but in their game with Boston Trade School on the next Wednesday, they experienced their first real opposition, finally pulling the game out of the fire by the narrow margin of 5 to 4. Lowell High School also offered a stiff fight, but finally succumbed by the same score. It was not until their final game this Wednesday, however, that they showed their real power by defeating the strong Medford High team, 6 to 8.