Members of R. O. T. C. Also Invited to Meeting Tonight--Colonel Browning to Speak at 7.15 O'clock

This evening at 7.15 o'clock in the Smith Halls Common Room an informal reception for members of the R. O. T. C. unit and for all Freshmen will be given by the Field Artillery Club. Licutenant-Colonel W. S. Browning, who was appointed last spring by the War Department to take the place of Major R. C. F. Goetz, professor of Military Science and Tacties at the University, will outline briefly the work of the four Military Science courses. A former member of the R. O. T. C. unit, who has not yet been selected, will also speak.

The reception will be held to give the members of the R. O. T. C. an opportunity to become acquainted with Lieutenant-Colonel Browning, Colonel W. J. L. Lyster, and Captain S. F. Clark, who will take the places left vacant by Colonel G. E. Bushnell and Major E. P. Parker. It will also give Freshmen a chance to meet the officers in the department and to obtain information about the various courses which will be offered.