The suggestion has been made at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that small disks bearing the cabalistic words "Go" and "Stop" be placed on the outside door of all student suites--to indicate the disposition of the inmates for social intercourse or academic meditation. It is not quite clear yet, whether "Stop" is to signify "Stay" or "Stay out", or whether "Go" will mean "Go in" or "Go home", but that, of course, will be settled easily enough by a general agreement of some sort of convention, so that the purpose of such symbolism may not be entirely defeated by wilful misunderstanding or simple ignorance.

When this system is firmly established, however, it will have many advantages, as everyone can see. Any student who has perchance attempted to concentrate for a long period in any of the Yard dormitories--merely to mention a notorious example--will appreciate how useful a device must be which automatically and without expenditure of physical energy turns away from his door every socially-inclined acquaintance who presents himself. And as a strategic aid this respected appliance will be without a peer. Suppose, for instance, that an industrious scholar, after an evening of exacting toil, is regaling a few intimates with a case of oranges. All he has to do to secure absolute privacy is to turn the sign to "Go" if that is the word selected to indicate that an intellectual quarantine has been established--and no one, save only the grossest trespasser, will venture to interrupt. The engineers it seems have hit upon a most desirable, almost indispensable invention. It is really difficult to understand how undergraduates have managed for so long to do without it.