Record of Adventures and Explorations Capped by Service in the War and on Peace Conference

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Wellington Furlong, noted as an explorer, artist, soldier, and author, will talk on "Chile and exploring through Tierra del Fuego" this evening at 7.30 in the Living Room of the Union. The talk will be illustrated both by slides and by motion pictures of the country and its people. Professor A B Hart will introduce the speaker.

Ever since finishing his graduate studies at Harvard, Colonel Furlong has led an extremely active and varied life.

Among other adventures, he was in 1907-8 the first American to cross through the heart of Tierra del Fuego. On this trip through this desolate stormy country to the tip of Cape Horn, Colonel Furlong discovered the most primitive people in the world, who, he says, are still living in the Stone Age. He visited the southern most town in the world and also several Indian tribes which still retained some very curious customs.

The collections which Colonel Furlong made on this trip are now in the Peabody Musum at Harvard, together with his Patagonian collection.

Colonel Furlong's other activities include art-studies at Paris, ethnological research, and an enviable war record, ending in a high position with the Peace Commission. His trips of exploration have taken him all over the world. Child and the Tierra del Fuego, however, are reported to have been his chief interests.