The appointment of three new lecturers in the divisions of psychology, ancient history, and government was announced yesterday by the University.

Dr. Robert Day Williams, professor of philosophy and experimental psychology at Pomona College, California, will be visiting lecturer on psychology during the first half of this year. Dr. Williams received his doctor's degree at Yale after graduating from Pomona.

Professor William Reginald Halliday, Rathbone professor of ancient history at the University of Liverpool in England, will give a course in Greek history, as visiting lecturer in ancient history.

Dr. John Dickinson has been appointed lecturer on government and a tutor in the division of History, Government and Economics. Dr. Dickinson received his bachelor's degree at Johns Hopkins University in 1913, receiving his master's degree at Princeton University and his doctor's degree in 1919 at the same school. He studied at Harvard Law School, serving also as tutor in the college, and received his degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1921.

The personnel of the committee of the University Museum has been changed. Three professors emeriti, Professor Morrison Davis '69, Professor Edward Laurens Mark, and Professor John Eliot Wolff '19 have been replaced by three other professors: Dr. Charles Palache, professor of mineralogy and Curator of the Mineralogical Museum, Professor Jay Backus Woodworth '94, of the geological department, who is in charge of the Harvard Seismographic Station, and Professor Oakes Ames '98, Curator of the Botanical Museum.

Dr. James Bryant Conant '14, assistant professor of chemistry, has been granted leave of absence for the second half year in order to go abroad and continue studies in organic chemistry, probably in Berlin.