Dunker and Samborski Return to Line-Up After Long Absence--Zarakov and Cheek Still Crippled

Harvard will open the second half of its football schedule with the game against Boston University at 2 o'clock this afternoon. B. U. has had a stiff season hampered by numerous injuries and has gone down to defeat three times. This afternoon, however, Coach Whelan will part forth as strong a combination as he can muster. To finish the day with honors is not beyond possibility, he believes.

Gamache Shifts to Right End

Coach Fisher sprang a complete surprise yesterday when he announced that Gamache, who has been playing center all fall, would start-the B. U. game at left end. No inkling of the change had previously escaped the closed Stadium gates.

The Crimson combination will be largely made up of second string material, although the whole squad, except Cheek and Zarakov, will be available should a stronger team be needed to conquer the Bostonians. Dunker, who returns to the lineup today, is classed as second string material only in that he is still in the convalescent stage. The same is true of Samborski who is back from a three weeks lay off. A hard workout today and five days of strenuous work next week should bring them both back to normal for the Princeton invasion. The doctors assure that both Cheek and Zarakov will reappear by Wednesday.

Comparison of the opposing teams of this afternoon's battle in weight is rather startling. The B. U. eleven averages nine pounds per man heavier than the Crimson. The entire difference comes in the two lines which differ by 17 pounds a man. The whole margin of comparison in the lines, in turn, is due to the three center positions. The two guards and center of B. U. average 222 pounds and the corresponding Harvard players but 182.

The Crimson will probably use a greater variety of tactics than will B. U. The latter is well drilled on certain plays, but the number of the plays is limited. The group of Harvard players, who will line up in the Satdium this afternoon, has not been tested before the public, but during weekday scrimmages, its individual members have forced the Team A men to show more than ordinary ability to hold their positions