Business School to Help Weed Misfits

Among the organizations which have united in a nation-wide investigation to weed misfits from American industry, and make its millions of workers happier, more efficient, and more productive, is the graduate school of Business Administration and the bureau of Vocational Guidances at the University, it was announced yesterday.

In order to accomplish this investigation science and business have united and enlisted the services of men from many fields. The inquiry will be headed by the Personnel Research Federation, established under the auspices of the engineering foundation, of which Alfred D. Flinn is the director. According to Mr. Flinn the movement marks a turning point in the history of the personnel management in this country. He said the federation would aim "to further the application of scientific research to problems affecting the happiness, welfare, and efficiency of the great body of workers, and to promote research activities pertaining to personnel in industry, commerce, education, and government."