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Vox Popull

To the Editor of the Crimson:

At last Harvard undergraduates have had their face slapped with the iron glove of indifference. The showing at the Union for the Princeton rally was not only a disgrace to the team, which has been out on that field sweating and working to help Harvard harvest the honor and victory which is due to her, but was a disgrace to every individual who was not there.

Harvard indifference, of which people pretend to be proud, has gone to the furthest limits has sunk to the lowest depths it could possibly reach. To think that the first of the Big Three games should come off this Saturday and only half the Union hall full! It is a deplorable thing to think that our students who come from the four corners of the globe to share Harvard's scholastic prestige cannot show their support and admiration of that team which sat so woefully, yes, I even dare say, disgusted, on the platform.

Lothrop Withington buried, screamed and pounded a challenge to us, and here we sit and laugh saying: "One more or less won't hurt." It will, damn it! What would a team be if the players said: "One more or less"?

Students, if your College is dear to you, and if you have any respect for yourselves after not having attended the meeting at the Union, then get out and cheer yourselves hoarse at that game. The team must be supported, and the effect of full, hearty, VOLUNTARY cheering is truly miraculous. Every single fellow from Freshman (which class by the way has shown the worst spirit of any of the classes which have entered in the last few years) to Senior must get up in his seat and encourage that team. Don't be afraid to yell alone. There's no disgrace in it--get that out of your heads. IT IS BEING DONE! Don't wait to be spurred on by the leader, do your own cheering. Remember the game can only be won by YOU. And YOU will win it only by showing a bit of spirit and pep.

Take up the challenge and show the alumni and everyone else that the classes of '25, '26, 27, and 28 are the best examples of college spirit which are in evidence today. Don't forget that Harvard is a college, a famous one and a big one, and the spirit shown by the team as well as by the supporters should exceed the spirit and pep shown by other colleges as Harvard scholarship exceeds others.