"I am heartily in favor of moving the kickoff back to the 40-yard line," declared Coach Fisher to a CRIMSON reporter yesterday. "But," he continued, "I do not think the off-side penalty should be changed."

He explained that he favored the kick-off change because it would give the kicking team less chance to cover the kick and hence would allow more frequent, run-backs. He took this stand instead of the more common one that good kickers kick over the goal too often under the present rule. "A good kicker," he said, "can kick over the goal line from 60 yards away as easily as from midfield."

Coach Fisher also took occasion to praise most heartily the CRIMSON'S selection of an all-schedule eleven. His only criticism was to suggest that Bjorkman of Dartmouth should have a place on the first team in place of Luman of Yale.