Bare 60 Percent Majority Renders Election Valid--Burke Chosen to Treasurership--Zarakov to Council

The Freshman Class barely reached the--required 60 per cent quota yesterday in its election of officers, a total of 566 ballots being cast.

Leo Francis Daley of Andover was elected president; Clement Duane Coady of West Newton, vice-president; John Randolph Burke of Milton, secretary-treasurer; and Isadore Zarakov of Cambridge, student council member.

The newly elected officers have all been prominent in Freshman athletics. Daley was football captain and made his numerals in hockey; Coady was captain of the undefeated hockey team and a football regular; Zarakov was a stellar performer on the gridiron and on the ice; Burke was manager of Freshman football.

The voting was as follows: President L. F. Daley  747 Nathaniel Hamlen  951 Total  1698 No ballots cast out. Vice President C. D. Coady  926 C. I. Paulsen  1161 F. M. Sedgwick  1219 Total  3306 Ballots cast out  15 Secretary-Treasurer J. R. Burke  1131 Austin Lamont  1317 C. G. T. Lundell  1332 F. P. Houck  1630 Total  5410 Ballots cast out  25 Student Council Member Isadore Zarakov  228 C. S. Gross  181 R. S. Scott  156 Total  565 Ballots cast out  1

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