Both Exonian Crews Establish Lead of Three Lengths in Short Races

Two Exeter four-oared crews swept far ahead of the two 1927 crews from Harvard Saturday afternoon as each finished the half mile pull over the Squamscott course nearly three lengths ahead of the respective Crimson boat.

The results of the two races were not surprising nor discouraging. Coach Haines had selected the oarsmen for these two shells only the night before the race. The men had rarely rowed together. The last minute selection of these crews was due to the necessity of keeping the men in eight oared boats so that promotion might be easily effected to one of the eights of Coach Shaw, who has been making repeated shifts as men went on or off probation.

The line-ups of the shells which rowed Saturday follow:

First Freshman Four--Stroke, S. A. Buckingham; 3, R. B. Greenman; 2, N. B. Hutchinson Jr.; bow, R. S. Riley Jr.; cox., H. C. Humphrey.

Second Freshman Four--Stroke, C. B. Lyon; 3, R. N. Walsh; 2, E. A. Harper; bow, D. K. Snow; cox., B. G. Rideout.