Military Science Students Honeycomb New Lecture Hall With Field System--First Session Is Tomorrow

The entire New Lecture Hall will be used by the mock Democratic National Convention tomorrow and Wednesday night, with the delegates on the main floor, the campaign committees in the class rooms and the audience in the balcony.

Half a dozen field telephones have been loaned by the Military Science Department to connect the committee rooms with each other and with the platform. These telephones will be installed and operated by students in Military Science courses.

The convention will begin formally shortly after 7 o'clock tomorrow evening and probably at the same time on Wednesday night, although delegates will enter and leave at any time.

The procedure of the convention tomorrow night will include formal organization, the keynote speech, the presentation of candidates for the Democratic presidential nominee, the report of the Committee on Platform and Resolutions, and three or four ballots. On Wednesday evening the platform will be more fully discussed and voted upon, and the candidates balloted on until a two-thirds majority is obtained.

The Committee on Platform and Resolutions will be in session in its committee room in the basement from 4 until 6 o'clock tomorrow and Wednesday, when delegates will be able to introduce any planks or resolutions they may favor.